•   Learn to identify and analyze customer needs and problems.
  •   Recognize the most common reasons for customer complaints.
  •   Discover techniques to cultivate and maintain special customer relationships.
  •   Assess your communication style and use two-way communication skills to level with people, to accept feedback from them, and to discuss problems.
  •   Identify specific problems in your customer service program and apply treatment.

A Challenge


  •   Why do you need customer service?
  •   Was the service provided over the phone or in person?
  •   How did the customer service representative respond to your request, inquiry or problem?
  •   If you felt the service was excellent, describe what made it so good.
  •   If you felt the service was exceptionally poor, describe what made it that way.


  •   1% die.
  •   3% move away.
  •   5% develop other relationships.
  •   9% leave for competitive reasons.
  •   14% are dissatisfied with product or service.
  •   68% leave because of rude or discourteous service.

Common Excuses For Service Lapses:

List five to eight excuses you hear customer service representatives give for offering indifferent or poor customer service.
Think of one of more ways to counter each excuse.
I don't have enough time.
I don't get paid to be nice. I am measured by my productivity and accuracy.
How can we do a good job if the computer is always down?
Every customer is totally bonkers today.
I can't deal with people who do not show me respect.
How can we do a good job if the other departments do not provide the back-up we need?
I am having a bad day.
People are basically stupid.
I am always too busy.


Customer Feedback management Service

Understanding the basics of effective customer service, addressing excuses, examining behaviors, 7 steps to customer service, words to use and words to avoid, top ten customer complaints, five common customer requests, implementing a good customer service program, service standards, 4 steps to super service,


After Submission of all answer, Based on rating of reply, management will get notified automatically if user feedback rating gets low as per define parameter.

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